How to Add a "Browse Location Definition" - Mediabay Dock

Hi I am using the dockable Mediabay in Cubase 8. By default, there is a browse location box where you can select from different folders. The defaults seem to be All Media, VST Sounds, Filesystems, Documents, Cubase Projects, etc… there is a “remove browse location definition” function next to the box, but there is no button for adding a browse location definition.

I’ve looked everywhere… it doesn’t seem to be in the regular mediabay nor in the file->preferences->mediabay nor in the mediabay dropdown menu. How do I add a browse location definition so it will show up in that box there?


In the Media > MediaBay (F5) you can add a browse location.
Also see page 519 of the Operation Manual.

Okay, thanks. I think I figured it out. I thought that checking a box would have automatically added it to the locations, but I see you have to specifically hit “add”.

But for some reason the media bay window and the docked media bay were out of sync. The docked version wasn’t showing the same locations as the regular one, I’m guessing that’s a bug, but it’s basically working now!