How to add a Curved line(a kind of portamento)

Hello everyone. I have tried a lot but I still can’t write these two symbols:

Dorico doesn’t have arbitrary curved arrows like this. I wonder whether an option would be to design some curved arrows as SVGs in an external graphics application (Inkscape, Affinity Designer, Illustrator, etc.) and then import them as playing techniques?

I will have a try.

Doesn’t @dan_kreider have a set of arrow symbols similar to this?

Maybe try this font : Louisiana Font | Webfont & Desktop | MyFonts

I thought that Bravura could feature such arrow directions.

Here a .doricolib file you may want to use :wink:


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Thank you for your heartfelt help.
I found it different between the curved line in guitar symbols and my need. Finally I drew these curved lines in Word.