How to add a new player?

how to add a new player?This player use Chinese instrument like Erhu or Guzheng.

At present you can’t create custom instruments in Dorico. You would need to add an instrument that is similar in its use of clef and/or sound sample, and rename it.

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Well, I hope to see that the authorities have added these Chinese instruments to the musical instrument group.

2294465346, you can flag this as a feature request.
Out of interest, what kind of instruments are those?

They’re string instruments, easily looked up. Erhu is a bit like a 2-string violin, with bow, played vertically like a cello. Guzheng is a kind of zither, like the Japanese koto.

If you want to know about Chinese musical instruments, you are suggested to search on the YouTube and not only Chinese musical instruments but also national musical instruments from all over the world can join in.