How to add a second stem on a note?

How to add a second stem on a note???
I’m loosing my poop here.

Welcome to the forum.

While you’re in note input (with the caret showing), Press Shift-V to create a new voice. Then, press V to cycle between the voices you’ve created.

You may find it helpful to review the First Steps guide for helpful instructions regarding basic note input.

This answer worth all the googling i did the whole damn day!!
other answers were pure useless!

Welcome to the forum @Hyena-Studio - sorry you weren’t able to find relevant information earlier.

In case it’s helpful in future, searching the Dorico 4 manual for “add second stem” brings up the topic describing how to input notes into multiple voices as the top result.

Were there other terms you used when searching? In case this can help bring up the most relevant topics more easily.