How to add an automation type to a tracks drop down list


I want to quickly copy and paste automation from one track to another and have that automation go to the exact same automation lane on the second track. As of now, I have to click “show automation”, then click the drop-down menu, search for the automation type, select it, and then paste it. That’s a lot of steps for something that I constantly do. Am I missing something?


I don’t think you’re missing anything, that’s the way it works currently to my understanding as well. Might be a good feature request for copied automation to automatically change the destination automation’s type to match the source (though it might cause difficulties in some scenarios… Perhaps an additional button (e.g. Ctrl/Command) being pressed when copying automation data to activate this feature.)

As a workaround, if you know beforehand which tracks you’re going to be copying automation between just add all of the required automation on the first one, then duplicate that track. That will duplicate the automation tracks as well. (You also probably want to add beginning value points for the automation tracks, otherwise they’ll be removed if you hide them, as they’re not used.)

“show used automation” command is available from the context sensitive menu and can get assigned to a key command