How to add as many as possible music notes into one bar or one line without counting the rhythm?

When creating a new project by selecting Solo piano template, the default paper size is A4, and time signature is 4/4.
Dorico allows to remove the time signature and key in the notes, but seems like it has the limitation of 11 notes.
I am using a whole as example, it only allows to key in maximum of 11 counts of whole notes, the 12th one will go to the second line.

There are many spaces between those 11 notes, is it a way to squeeze those spaces between each notes, so that I can put more notes into one line? or make the notes smaller?
I just want to have all the notes without counting time signature but put into one bar and one line.

Thank you.

Layout Options>Page Setup> Space Size
Layout Options>Note Spacing

These might be two places you could start changing settings…


You could also add a System Break at the downbeat, and set its property to “Wait for next…” so the line keeps filling.


wow, this is exact what I am looking for, thank you very much!!
What is the space size that you are using? also what does this mean
Rastral size: 22.40pt staff = 7.9mm staff???

Thank you for helping… but I am too new to any of the music notes app, I don’t understand how to add a system break…

Go to Engrave Mode, select a bar line that you want to begin a new system, press Shift-S.

Then, select the system break signpost (light-purple signpost), and in the bottom zone, change the property to “Wait for next”.

I can’t remember the exact values I used. I recommend that you experiment! Enter a load of notes of different lengths, then change the layout settings and see how the notes move…

The Rastral size tells you how large the 5-line staff will be when printed. I find that 6mm is OK for most of my purposes (IIRC Dorico’s default is 6.5mm).

It’s 7 mm.