How to add bars w/o changing tempo

Hi, I’m working with a piano track in 4/4 time, 70 bpm, and 4 bars long. However, it’s obvious (from the timing of the chords and bass notes) that the track should be 8 bars long. So, how do I extend the track to 8 bars without changing the tempo or time signature?

If you mean keep the same relative timing between the notes but double the time, select the MIDI part and go to

MIDI → Logical Presets → Standard Set 1 → double tempo.

It’s hard to find :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, but that doubles the tempo.

What I’m try to do is to ‘restructure’ the track to have twice as many bars without changing the playback timing. Does that make sense?

Read up on the Tempo Editor > Insert Bars (one of the two icons to the right at the menu bar).

Tempo Process may be a “search” or key word (not at my DAW atm).

OK I see the problem here - when you say “tempo”, you don’t mean the tempo of the project - you mean the perceived playback speed of the part only. The tempo of the project is going to have to change, though, if you want it to sound the same but take up more bars. Try this:

  1. MIDI → Logical Presets → Standard Set 1 → Half Tempo (NOT double tempo)
  2. The part will now be shorter - resize (lengthen) the part so that all of the MIDI notes are visible.
  3. Double the project tempo using the Transport Bar to be 140 instead of 70.

Since you halved the speed of the part but doubled the project tempo, it will sound the same, but will take up 8 bars instead of 4. Is that what you’re trying to do?

Yes, this is exactly what I was trying to do – thank you!

Thanks, these look like useful features…