How to add CC data via midi keyboard?

Okay, I’ve used Cubase for a while, but I haven’t done any live midi input and manipulation. I just purchased a midi keyboard controller, and will be using that from now on… up till now I’ve used the piano roll view to add CC data.

Yeah, I know, that’s why I bought the keyboard.

Anyway, I was told that it’s easy to add the CC data while a track plays using the MIDI controller, and that I could make one pass to add each type of CC data I need. If that’s true, and I certainly hope it is, how do I do this? How do I listen to a track playing and, using the midi keyboard, add in CC data (CC1, whatever) to that track?

That all depends on what kind of keyboard you have.
I use an old Korg Trinity Plus which has the ability to map the expression pedal to various cc numbers as well as sysex and a few other things. I use it mainly to send cc4 (foot) to BFD2 to control the hihats.
You might possibly be able to do it from your keyboard or you could use say the mod wheel in conjunction with the midi input transformer plugin.

Sorry, I didn’tmake myself clear. I understand, I think, what to do on the midi keyboard, what I don’t know is what to do in Cubase so that it captures the incoming CC data and stores it in the track.

I made a little video. Hopefully its not too small.

Its too small I guess. So maybe this one:

Anyway here is the instruction:

Maybe its a help.