How to Add Chord Events by Shortcut or Macro?

how to add a chord event
in a
Add the chord track.

Select the Draw tool and click on the chord track.
An undefined chord event called X is added.

Select the Object Selection tool and double-click the chord event.
In the Editor, select a root note.

How to do this process by shortcuts or Macros?

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I’m afraid this is not possible without mouse clicking. Sorry.

Like Martin said there’s no way to avoid the clicks. But you can get around needing to change back & forth between Tools. With the Arrow Tool if you Alt+Click it will behave like the Draw Tool and insert a Chord Event. Also Alt+Drag lets you copy the Selected Events to a new location - so you only need to enter the chorus Chords once for example. And of course regular Copy & Paste works as expected

In my main Template I have a Chord Track that is populated by X Chord Events on every Bar for a lot (???) of Bars. While this makes it easier to initially enter Chords it does need some cleanup on the back-end.

One thing I’ve thought about doing (but not actually done) is to use different Track Versions on Chord Tracks to store a variety of common chord progressions. Then you could Copy & Paste these as needed.

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This can all be done without touching the mouse, once you have a single chord symbol in the track.

Just copy a (X) chord and paste
then do these key commands:

  • Open Editor
  • tab to text field in lower right
  • type chord symbol
  • Hit tab (to create a new chord one quantize value to the right.

rinse and repeat

Use the cursor nudge commands too, if nec.

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thanks !