How to add comments on selected events?

I have “Comment” that is available on the bar above the edit window but when I select an event I can’t edit it. is there an “Allow editing” like in the media bay ?
How do you select multiple events in your edit window and edit their metadata ?
I also miss to be abloe to select events in edit and “reveal in mediabay” like “find selected in pool” (if they are in the scanned folders from mediabay of course)

The “Comment” function is, I believe, only available in the List Editor in context with MIDI.

what do you mean by “function” ? i’m talking about the attributes you can add to audio files in the media bay for exemple. For the columns available, under “Media” you find “Comment” that you can also display in the Info Line but can’t edit there.

Sorry, I was thinking of another comment function.

Well, what you mean that you can, as far as I know, only change in the MediaBay. You can’t do that in the Info Line. (That’s probably why it’s called an Info Line. :wink:)
Had once thought that would be the comment field from the ID tags. Unfortunately, its content is not imported into Nuendo. You can only edit it in Nuendo and it is only displayed there.

Maybe your post will inspire Steinberg to allow editing of comments in other places in Nuendo.

no it’s also displayed in other players like foobar etc…
and true it’s “info line” but you can edit lots of things there (name, description, start, lenght etc…) so not only informative right ?

You’re right. My comment was meant as a joke. (Hence the smiley.) But it was probably not a good one. :pensive:

I have now tested again: It does not work for me. I see the comment in Nuendo but not in e.g. Foobar2000.

But it doesn’t matter. I use a separate application to manage our audio files.
But anyone who wants to use Nuendo may wish, as you do, for an easier way than always accessing MediaBay.

By the way, I know a reason why you can’t edit the “Comment” field in the InfoLine:
The comment is linked to the original file. In your project, however, you can split the file into as many events as you like. If you now change the comment for an event via the InfoLine, it would either be changed for all events or the last comment would be overwritten each time.
The only way to change this is for Nuendo to create a separate list for this and save it independently of the original file.