How to add existing custom Page Templates to newly created Page Template Set?

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious but I can’t figure this out:

On this help doc page -

it explains how to create a new custom Page Template Set, and then says:

“After Completing This Task
You can rename the page template set and add new page templates to it.”

I don’t see any help page explaining how to add a custom page template that I’d already created earlier to a newly created Page Template Set I just created. Dragging the icons doesn’t seem to work and I don’t see any commands for this. Is it not possible?

If it’s not possible, is it also not possible, when creating a new custom Page Template within a newly created Page Template Set, to have the new custom Page Template be “based on” an existing custom Page Template? When I try this, I only get the option to have it “based on” the default Page Template.



For re-using an existing page template in another page template set, see here:

I’ll add a link from the page you shared to this, as that makes sense.

New page templates can be “based on” any existing page template in the set, I believe. You can select other page templates from the Based on menu.

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Thank you, Lillie. I had mistakenly ignored the “import” commands because to me that word suggests pulling something from outside the current Project and I hadn’t realized it was used here to move/import Page Templates that I’d just created within this project into a new set.

Follow up question: Is there also a way to make my custom Page Template the “Default” template in a custom Page Template Set? It seems the only way would be to copy/paste all the same things into the Default one there since it can’t be deleted. Is that correct?


You can’t change the role of a page template once it’s been created, no. If you create a new Default page template, that will replace the existing Default template in that set (because there can only be one Default per set), and (although I’ve not tried this) you could see what happens (maybe in a copy of your file first!) when you create a new Default based on this custom page template?

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Yes, when I selected “Default” as the “type” (as opposed to First or Custom) in the dialog box that comes up when creating a new custom page template (in a new set), it replaces the current Default template in that set.

Thanks, Lillie!

I agree the word ‘Import’ is misleading for that operation. I would rather see the verb “Add”.