How to add expressions?

I’m sure this must have been asked before, but I can’t find anything. I’m used to Finale, where text expressions are a major part of the workflow.

How do you assign text frames to a particular note/staff?


Have you tried shift-X in write mode ?

Ah. Write menu > Create Text.

Thanks. That also answers some other questions.

OK. I’ve also found the Dynamics and Techniques palettes. How do I add new dynamics or techniques?

I’m afraid you will have to use the shift+x workaround, using Bravura font and copying from this kind of pages :

Since the symbols have been created, it is quite fair to think they will all be implemented in Dorico in due course.

If you need symbols you cannot find in Bravura, let Dorico’s team know about it so that they can work on adding them.

Here’s an example:
If I want the word dolce to appear under the staff, regularly throughout a piece, I have to create it as text and flip it below the staff manually each time…?

A better way to do that would be to cheat and pretend it’s a dynamic mark. That way, it will be included in the spacing and collision avoidance - text created with the X isn’t, yet.

Select a note, and press shift-D to get the Dynamics popover box. You have to enter something that Dorico can recognize as a dynamic, for example “p dolce”. Then open the properties panel (Ctrl-8), switch on the “Show intensity marking” property (i.e. get the blue dot visible) and deselect it (using the square icon) to hide the “p”. You can adjust the “Text Alignment” and/or “Placement” if you want to change the position of the text.

You can copy and paste it to other locations, and the Control panel options will be copied with it.

Is there a way to store markings that one creates for future use?

Not just yet, though this is planned. For now you can quickly copy a marking that you have entered with Alt+click, which is somewhat better than typing it in again from scratch.

Thank you, Daniel.