How to add Kontakt 5 to the VSTs in Cubase 6??

Hello Everyone!

I installed Kontakt Player 5 but I can’t find it in the VST’s list in Cubase 6!..
I went into Plugin information and everything seems ok (attached photo) - can anyone suggest a solution??

Thank you!!
Plugin Info.jpg

have u checked is the.dll for kontakt player in ur vst folder?

32 bit vers of Kontakt, or 64?

32 bit vers of Cubase, or 64?

As funkman said, are you absolutely sure the Kontakt .dll is in a folder that Cubase is looking to?

Cubase and Kontakt 64 bit.
I actually can’t find the Kontakt .dll file - where should it normally be after the installation? It doesn’t appear in the spotlight.
In the folder that Cubase is checking for vst I have the Kontakt.vst file…

.dll maybe in native instruments folder.have a look.

The default install path is C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt 4\VSTPlugins 64 bit. If it isn’t there and you don’t know where it is, do a reinstall.


Thanks guys but still nothing…
Jeff I work on a Mac so I assume that the .dll file should be HD:\Library\Application support\Native instruments\Kontakt 5
but it isn’t…
I did a reinstall and no improvement but when I was checking Preferences for files with the name Kontakt in their content I found this (picture attached) - could Cubase blacklist Kontakt? Why?
Maybe this gives a clue? I can’t find any Blacklist settings in Cubase - how does it work?..
(I also want to add that I have updated Cubase to the latest version)

Mac doesn´t have .dlls AFAIK

So I might be right…

Delete the blacklist.xml and restart cubase…

Oh…:slight_smile: Sorry but it’s the first time I have this kind of problem and I read in other forums about dlls without the separation into PCs and MACs…

Just did and nothing. The file Vst2xBlacklist Cubase (x86_64).xml reappears whenever I restart Cubase…

And does it have kontakt listed…?
And what about the other blacklist.xmls…?

Still No Kontakt in the VSTs list.

I deleted all the blacklist files from the Cubase folder but this particular (the one I mentioned in my previous post) reappears when I restart Cubase…

So I ask once again does the file list Kontakt as blacklisted…?

The thing is I can’t open this file to see a list.
When I double click it, it starts Sibelius (which doesn’t make sense) and then it says that it can’t open file.

From my experience from Windows… I can understand that cubase does the same thing also in macOs… so to explain.
Try to move the Kontakt 5 file to another location inside the vst folder that cubase sees… eg. …\Steinberg\VST\Native Instruments\Kontakt to …\Steinberg\VST\Native Instruments. Usually this works, if not then try to put it directly to …\Steinberg\VST, this seems to be a folder issue some kind!!!
Many times blacklisted fx or instruments work properly without any conflict it’s like cubase hates some company and just blacklisted their products so it’s not even worth of mention it.
As for how to see the file, just try to open it with a notepad program. It does make sense that it opens it with Sibelius 'cause the file ends with .xml so when you installed the Sibelius, it made association with this type of extension file… in other words .xml always will open with Sibelius

Truth be told its been Native Instruments fault, for arsing up the installs on 64bit systems…their default, which to the casual observer seems to be correct is in fact been wrong, until the last update of Kontakt…I really cant tell you on a Mac (2xtheprice41/2themachine) but I would suggest running the installer again (do not install the library obviously), and see EXACTLY the path, its defaulting to, and then adapting it for your system needs.

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for your replies!

I finally made it work in a weird way!.. I read somewhere that Cubase has sometimes problems with 64bit plugins, so I switched both Cubase and Kontakt to 32bit and it worked - Kontakt appeared in the list of VSTs!..

Then I switched both back to 64bit to check what would happen and they now work fine in 64bit too!.. :smiley:

Difficult to understand what exactly happened but, all is good - it seems that it was some kind of 32/64bit Cubase-plugin disagreement issue… :slight_smile:

Hello guys… got he same problem with my Macbook Pro. And switching from 64 to 32 didn’t actually help. Still Cubase 7 doesn’t see any signs of Kontakt 5. May be someone could explain the source of a problem?

heh… just updated to 5.0.3 and finaly it worked… phew :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

I have Cubase 6, on mac.
I have downloaded Kontakt 5 throught the native instrument web site.

When I install it, it works fine in stand alone. Unfortunatly in my cubase, it doesn’t appear anywhere.
Would you have any suggestions ?

Thanks a lot for your help, I’m completly out of inspiration about the “what should I do”…

All the best


For the details :

Cubase - 32bit
Kontakt 5.6.6 (R16) - I can’t manage to see if it’s 32 or 64 bits
OS : 10.10.5

I tried Cubase an Kontakt in 32 bits, doesn’t work either…

Please !!! Help me !!!