How to add Metadata to a Montage (earlier in WL9 forum)

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in the Wavelab 9 forum is a topic

How to add Metadata to a Montage

I have a question for WL 10.
I use the preset from Justin P for my mp3 metadata. It works in most cases.
But now they ask me to mention a field with “colloberating artists”"
I have spent a few hours to implement this, but no succes. Can anybody help me ?


I’m not aware of a “colloberating artists” field in the ID3v2 metadata standard, so you may have to get creative about where to put there. There is an “Involved People” option but it’s hard to say how many people will really see it.

I’d ask them for a real-world example of where they’ve seen it used and try to figure it out from there. Usually people just put (feat. so & so) in the song name, or artist/track artist field.

Thanks for your information Justin
I had “Involved people” tried, but I could not see it back in the results in the explorer


ID3v2 allows you to add a custom text field. Maybe you could use that.