How to add MODX into the midi device list?

How to add MODX into the Midi Device Manager list?

Is there any official one for download?

Where to install in a MAC OS?


As far as I know, you can control MODX via its plug-in. Therefore there are no MIDI Device Manager patches for the current instruments anymore.

The MODX doesn’t have patches like traditional synths, as you’re always in multi-timbral mode so recalling a preset can utilitise any number of MIDI channels at once which changes the game somewhat, montage is the same. They don’t use standard bank a/b/c/d/e preset 1-128 storage.

As Martin says above, you’re best to use the plugin to create/recall snapshots into your session (works well), or SysEx dump into the project folder the state of the keyboard if you want to manage them manually.

Generally speaking i find the the Montage/MODX are a little tricky to get your head around to start with because of how the patches can occupy any number of channels. If you try and use them as a traditional 16 channel multi-timbral device (i.e. as per the Motif) it’s not straight forward as after merging two presets you can be using 5 channels.