How to add new measures to scores

I am a beginning user of Cubase Elements (the trial version), with no prior experience with DAW’s beyond an extremely limited mobile app that I’ve barely worked with. I’m attempting to score a piece for piano, but I’ve encountered issues. Primarily, the inability to add new measures beyond what the score began with. Another peeve, not quite as high a priority, is that the scores always begin on measure 5, instead of measure 1, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change it. I imagine the solution is not too incredibly difficult, but I cannot find any options that would allow me to edit the length of the score. Is it that Elements does not include this feature? Or have I just not looked hard enough?

not sure what is meant by add new measures, but maybet this will help. You can set up the starting point. Go to the top menu choices, “Project”, project setup, and the start time and length and bar offset can be set from their. That is in Cubase Pro, should hopefully be the same in Elements. If you intend to keep working in a sequencer, when you are able, upgrade to Pro version.

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The Score will mirror the corresponding MIDI Part(s) in the Project Window. So if your MIDI Part covers bars 1-8 in the Project Window that’s what you’ll get in the Score Editor. To extend the Score to 16 bars you could either A) lengthen the current MIDI Part out to bar 16 or B) create another MIDI part in bars 9-16.

Keep in mind the the Score is really only a visual representation of the MIDI data in the Project Window. So it is useful to get comfortable with the Key Editor and manipulating the MIDI data directly. That will make it conceptually easier understand how the Score Editor works.

I expect Vic will chime in soon and give you the advice that you should pay the most attention to. :wink:

… only to say that I couldn’t have said it better myself :wink: )

Perhaps you are talking about adding additional measures to the piece and having everything past that move a corresponding amount?
As in, add a whole new Bridge in the middle of an existing work?

In Cubase Pro this is done with the “Process Bars” dialog from the Tempo Track Editor.
It’s great in that it moves EVERYTHING - including the tempo track and markers - to the right, inserting fresh bars.

Unfortunately it is a Cubase Pro only function - so I’m being absolutely no help here.


Edit: Does Elements have an Arranger Track? Never done it but maybe you could create an arrangement, grab some empty measures from past your work and insert them in the place that you want them. Then flatten the track.
If Elements has this you will find the “How to” in the manual.