how to add plug in effects vst

…I have previously installed several plugin vst’s that work with Reaper…they have been stored in Program files (x86) /steinberg/vstpugins. Now that I have Cubase running the only option is for Halion Sonic Se under rack instruments…

How do I get my plug ins to list in cubase…under trak intruments, or rack instruments…or acess the effects? tried finding a path option under device manager etc…I did however find Halion Sonic se listed under /appData/Roaming/steinberg…as well as groove agent there, that I can’t access either thru cubase…should I move all these to that steinberg folder in roaming?..

I am using windows 8.1, 64 bit version…


  1. Open Devices > Plug-in manager.
  2. Click to the cogwheel button (Plug-in Manager Settings) in the bottom-left corner.
  3. New part of the window appears.
  4. Click to the + button.
  5. Find the path of your plug-in (DLL file).
  6. Click to Open.
  7. Click to the Rescan All button (the most right, in the same raw).


…k…found it…the little icon was hiding under my task bar…moved up my window and voila!..only some of them came thru though…I seem to have a few folders that vst plug ins are in…so I shall clean things up and put all under one roof, or direct…still can’t find my Guitar Rig…but Thank you for the head start!, signed Digital Daw Noob…lol