How to add subtitle under the main title (flow) name?

Hello, just wondering how to add a subtitle under a title? Do I need to go Engrave mode to create a text frame first then go back to Write mode to type in the text?

I’ve do the following:

  • goto File/Project Info
  • click the current ‘show info for’ - dropbox
  • type text in the Subtitle -field
  • goto Engrave
  • click in the Score or edit the Master Page
  • click in the frame with the current title and add {@flowSubtitle@} below the {@flowTitle@}

When I type this post I look in Dorico and see the ‘paragraph styles’ in the menu. Here you can add and edit some things. I don’t know exactly the difference.

Thanks Ccmp, I think I made it. I think The ‘paragraph styles’ is a custom style which you decide what style you want to show after type in the text. The master ‘Master Page’ is kind of like a layout template? I’m not sure if I’m right.

After adding {@flowSubtitle@} to the frame ? How do I make the frame the same size on current page going foward ? It seems the subsequent pages have old small frames , not following the changed frame.

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Did you add the subtitle token straight on the page or in the Page Template (in Engrave Mode on the RH side panel)?

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If you edited the page template (which updates all pages that use the template), make sure you copied right-to-left or left-to-right (using the buttons at the top of the page template editor) so that both left- and right-facing pages use your updates.

After copying L>R or R>L and you have page numbers on the outer edge, re-position the page number that is now misplaced. I have just spent a lot of time correcting old scores for this.