How to add to chord track many chords at once

The ability to add to chord track many chords at once would be cool !

In my Templates I have a Chord Track that is pre-populated with X-Chord Events on every Bar for 60 measures or so. Chord Tracks also support Track Versions so you could create a bunch of different starting points.

You can also use the Copy, Paste, Duplicate and Repeat Commands on Chord Events. But the newly created Events are all stacked on top of each other at the same point on the Timeline. To avoid this move an unused Instrument or MIDI Track next to the Chord Track and create a dummy MIDI Part which is the length you’d like between Chords. Now if you Select both the Chord and MIDI Events they will Duplicate or Repeat along the Timeline.


yes, Track Versions on Chord Track is great to test several chord progressions on the fly by switching in realtime.

:heart_eyes: Perfect !
Thank you!!

Already there. Set a key command for it. “Create Chord Events”