How to add track to CD-created Audio Montage

This maybe something very easy that I am missing. So here’s my workflow:

  1. I create a basic audio cd and drag the desirable tracks in there.
  2. Then I create a Montage from this basic audio cd.
  3. Wave lab places all tracks neatly in order with cd markers and the right gap between them.
  4. I realise I need one more track or two to be added into the cd/audio montage.
  5. How do I add it?

That’s my question. I don’t want to just drag a file to the audio montage because this will not have the correct gap, not the correct audio cd markers, plus it won’t be added in the audio cd list automatically.

So, is there an easy way to add a cd track to this montage without having to go back and create the audio cd from scratch and then converting again to a montage? Seems like a very basic thing to do but I have yet to find a way to do it easily.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know if this is done by default, but you can go through and ensure that each CD marker is linked to the clip it relates to (select focus on each clip then right click the marker); then when you slide the clips over (with the appropriate setting so that all to the right move as well) then the markers will also move and everything will be fine.


One way is to put the cursor between the two tracks where you want the new one. Right click and select ‘Add file’ or something like it (not sure from heart), and then select the file. You’ll get the option to shift existing tracks to the right and then you’ll just have to add two CD Track Markers and adjust the two new gaps.

Quick edit (Paul was faster): I am assuming here that existing track markers will move with the clips, as I think is the default behaviour.