How to add VST instrument to a midi file track?


Greeting to everyone.

I used Cubase 5 long long time ago. I remember I could assign a VST instrument to a midi file track. I bought Cubase Element today. It is different. I couldn’t figure out how to add a VST instrument to a midid file track the old way.

This is what I did.

I imported a midi file, cubase asked if I wanted to open a new project, I said yes. then a project was set up. I saw my separate midi file tracks. Before anything else, I saw the inspector was missing (I think I used to add instruments in cubase 5 via the inspector if I am not wrong). Then I tried to assign a VST instrument. After a long while of trying, the best I could do was to right click on a midi file track, choose Add Instrument. A separate instrument track was added below the intended midi file track. Then I drag that midi file track into the instrument track, that worked. I think there must be a way to assign a VST instrument to a midi file track without creating another track and dragging the midi file track into it. I am used to use GarageBand. This is much more complicated. I watched some videos. People are talking about this midi channel input, that midi channel output, how to route the midi channel, the kind of stuff I have no clue of at all. In GarageBand, after watching a few videos, I got it.

Please let me know how to do this in Cubase if you can. Thank you very much.

Press F11 -> add rack instrument (both instrument track and rack instruments are shown here so make sure to click on the correct spots)
then add midi track and connect how many midi tracks you want to the instrument