How to adjust remote latency

I’m attempting to do a transatlantic VST Connect SE session, and am having dropout issues from sync problems.

I have seen references in the Forum to increasing the delay latency, I can’t find a way to do that. When I’m in the configuration pane, I see a section that references delay, but it can’t be modified.

I’m using the latest Mac version, and the person on the other end is using the Performer app for Windows.

cogwheel, “Remote Latency”. It is an edit field, you must click in there type a number. try 2.

I’ve tried that. I click on the field, it pops up a box that has the number 1 in it, but it doesn’t accept any input.

It does but may need you to click it several times to get it to allow input

I guess you’re right, it appears to require a doubleclick to activate. Will fix, sorry.