How to adjust the bar size?

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How to adjust the bar size in the line , keeping all in one line but getting the first bars shorter for a better reading of the last bar?
Thanx a lot

That system is really too full. But you could try using a note spacing change at bar 35 to reduce the default spacing value for a quarter note, then put a restorative one in at bar 40:

However, I would really recommend trying to find an alternative solution to the casting off for this system so you have one fewer bar than you do at present.

Edit: Spoke too soon. I messed up my test. :laughing:

Yeah I know, but I want to keep the whole thing on one page …but thanx I rearranged the notation before…now it works better!

Yeah thats a bit the problem that the slash region-bars are bigger than the ones with a whol

Is there a possibility to adjust the size of the slashes?

How small an adjustment in the Space Size could you accept to make this work?

Sorry I dont understand the question

Try changing the Space Size to make it smaller.