How to adjust vocal timing cubase pro 8.5 ?

Hey guys,

Im about to mix a bunch of songs done by a singer friend of mine. He’s a great friend, but terrible singer ( and he knows it ) and his rytmic timing is way off on almost every track. What would be the best way to adjust his rythmic timing in Cubase 8.5 pro ? I could edit each single part individually but that would be really long. Im new in Cubase pro so maybe im missing something.

Thanks in advance for your help!


But that would be the best way, with regards to artefacts time stretching can introduce, depending on how much the vocals have to be corrected.
Other possibilities depend on if the track was recorded with a time reference, or not.

Variaudio will do a good job if he’s not way off. Zoom in. Place your mouse around the beginning and end of each note and you’ll see the options.