How to adjust volume/level of all tracks including volume automation?

Hi there, is it possible in Cubase 10 to adjust volume of all tracks including volume automation in the project by any means? I see that once a track includes volume automation it keeps the curve and can’t be moved by fader.

One way to adjust the volume of “all tracks” is to adjust it using the fader on the main stereo out channel.

One way to adjust the volume on a single track that has automation is to use the “Info Line”. There are fields available where you can enter a value to adjust volume.

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Trim automation.

I´d prefer not to use master fader, because sometimes the set max. fader level (+6db) is not enough, though I can set it to +12db, but don´t want. I thought if there is for example some way of selecting the tracks in “MixConsole” and move their faders up/down, including volume automation curve… OK, if not, then I will have to go on living without it… would be nice to have a possiblity to set it as “automation follows volume change” (like it is with “Automation Follows Events”)


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Can use the pregain on master or selected channels


And if you want to do multiple tracks - just qlink the faders in question.

This is why I don’t use the volume automation on faders. I want to be free the adjust the mix, and overall levels.

I use a third party fader and automate that on channels that I want volume automation. This is also why Steinberg needs it’s own gain plugin.

Gain on the master isn’t an option because chances are I’ll be exporting stems so bypassing the master buss.

Agreed. This is a fall short of Cubase’s. Which third party plugin do you use / recommend ?

I’ve been using Tokyo dawns proximity and just turning off some of the options - though its not strictly for that purpose. I’m not set on it.

I’ve been using the free (a couple of years ago at least it was free) SlATE VMR-Trimmer plugin as a last plugin for this purpose.

I use Blue Cat’s Gain plugin…it has a link feature built in but I’ve never used that as I use Cubase’s Qlink feature as mentioned above. Works well for me.

you can link all desired Channels and add a VCA Fader to control the link group.
This way you can Trim all together, they will still read their Automation at a relative offset.

Sadly I have experienced some bad things concerning VCA’s in Cubase, maybe use it with caution and save a lot under different Project-versions.

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