How to affect the whole range in the tempo editor at a blow?

Hi, I’ve used the tempo editor and it’s quite a good tool. But I have a problem. Assumed the tempo of my music piece is q=108 and I want to increase the tempo to q=112, I can do that in the tempo editor, but it only will affect the beginning in the tempo editor. So I’ll have much effort to adjust the whole range in the tempo editor at every position, where tempo changes are. How to affect the whole range in the tempo editor at a blow? It’s not possible with CTRL + A. Thanks for help.

Edit: Sorry, I was wrong. It’s possible very well with CTRL+A, please have a look to this thread!

I could swear that ctrl+A works for me, but I’m not at my DAW to check. However, another way is to drag the mouse to select (create a box around) all the tempo events. Then if you drag one up or down, you drag them all. It’s beneficial to have snap to grid enabled to make sure you don’t move the events right or left.

Thanks, but meanwhile I know, that we both had been wrong partly. I myself was wrong regarding CTRL+A and you was wrong regarding creating a box while dragging the mouse: OK, it’s possible, but the box will disappeare immediately after releasing the mouse. But after trying out once more I was able to solve the problem: If the tempo editor is enabled, there must be done CTRL+A at first. After that the whole range of the tempo editor content can be moved at a blow, if the mouse arrow is set just to the beginning of the tempo editor content (left side): Just push the left mouse button and start a move :smiley: