How to align bar 1 and 0:00:00 ?


the title says it all.
I’ve stumbled across a couple similar posts doing some research on the forum but they confused me more than they should have enlightened me.

Here is my situation :

I always use a project template where I have 4 bar offset at the beginning to have some room, and I have a ruler track to monitor the time of my track in parallel of my beats+bars lane on top of my project.
Now, I tried to put a time offset in project setup to get the 0:00:00 close to the bar 1, but of course on different tempos the offset moves around since the bars are not as long.

My question is : is there a way to match 0:00:00 with bar 1 beat 1 every time ?

Thanks in advance for your replies :slight_smile:


+1. Would like to know how to do this too. I often have to “translate” between bars and minutes in order to align myself with client edits.

Place the Project cursor at bar #1, then, Project menu>“Set Timecode at Cursor”, and enter the desired value (here, “zero” :wink: )

Right. But doesn’t that need to be redone every time you change tempo?

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How many times do you need to change that for the same Project? Just resave the Project :wink:.

in the case where the music starts after 4 bars of lead-in…
Change the tempo at the start of the music, rather than at the start of the project.

There are instances where this would help—say, while you’re trying to target a certain exact cue time and length. Believe me, I’ve sat there readjusting the offsets over and over again. Would love to have a ruler that keeps 00:00:00 locked to measure 1.

That’s a good idea—making a tempo event only at measure one. I’ll try it out.

Ok I think I found it.
I usually set up a 4 bar offset in Project Setup (always on with my starting template).
Once you have the tempo of your song, put your cursor on the first beat of the first bar then go to Project > Set Timecode at Cursor.
Enter the value 00:00:00:00 then click “no”.

That’s it, the 0:00:00 and bar 1 beat 1 are aligned.