How to allign the bass to the kick in a song? [editing]

I have a bass that is out of time with the kick and I’d like to allign it.
I briefly tried with audio warp but it’s hard since all the bass line moves.

I 'd need a comprensive " how to", please.

Thank you

Put in warp markers to lock position of correct placed notes first…then stretch around those. Listen very critically to results. Timestretch can definitely degrade the bass a little.
Cut n slide is better if there are gaps between notes.

In addition to what Grim has said, there’s a couple of quite good short videos on YouTube from Steinberg about accomplishing this.

You might want to start with this one:

For better results, you might wanna look into slip editing.

thank you masters.

In this case the bass was too badly recorded, I have rewritten it with the midi.