how to allow displaying contents independently in some windows when the project is open in multiple windows


This is a question about window dependency (from synchronisation).

case 1
Is it possible to allow automatic scrolling just in one window when a project is open using multiple windows?
For example, I have two monitors and there are two project windows as follows:
Window A: displaying bars 1-10.
Window B: displaying bars 100-110.
I want to listen to music from window B, and compare two windows. However, pressing the play button in window B synchronises the contents in window A as well.

How could I prevent synchronising the current playhead position?

case 2
Selecting some phrases in window B does not synchronise the display in window A. For example, window A still displays bars 1-10 even after having selected bars 100-102 in window B.
However, pasting the copied phrase into window A synchronises window B. Thus both of windows A and B display the same things.

How could I prevent it?

No options are provided at the moment for this kind of behaviour: when you start or stop playback, and when Dorico moves the view as a result of an editing operation like copying and pasting, all views onto the current project will be synced up. I agree that in future we should have more nuanced behaviour for these kinds of workflows, so that you have more options available to you.

I suppose it might be possible to save the project with a different name, open it in another window have look at bar 1-10 while bars 101-110 plays in the original project.

Thank you very much for this!

It could be a good solution when a few instruments are used in projects. However, switching between project files takes a somewhat long time when using a large orchestra.