How to always show MIDI values as 0-127 and not -65 to 62?

There are inconsistencies in how Cubase handles this, I’ve noticed. For instance, open the key editor and mouse over the CC1 values, you’ll see they go from 0-127. Yet when you move the mod wheel on your keyboard, CC1 shows as going from -65 to 62. What the heck?? Is there some options somewhere that makes this consistent? Showing CC values as 0-127 (except maybe panning) is pretty universal, I don’t know why Steinberg decided to represent them this way.

A buddy of mine says for him, when he moves the mod wheel, it properly goes from 0-127. Now I’m thinking there’s some secret setting somewhere that’s causing it to display this way?

That is really most unusual (and, certainly doesn’t happen normally).
I’d recommend rebuilding the Cubase Preferences (see page 640 of the Cubase 6 Operation Manual .pdf, if you need to know where to find them.)

Holy cow. I just figured it out! When the playback bar is at a certain point, it’s reading that CC1 value and telling you the RELATIVE CC1 value that you’re sending from your keyboard. So if your playback bar is on a note that’s being played at CC1=27, your mod wheel will report 0 when you’ve hit 27 so it lets you know you’ve matched the point you’re at. And of course it would read 100 if your wheel is all the way up, and -27 if it’s all the way down.


Wow, bravo! You are absolutely right! :astonished: :slight_smile:
I would never have even noticed that (and I’ve been using Cubase for many years :blush:… I’ve just checked, and it has been doing this at least as far back as Cubase 4!)