How to analyze stereo


Is there plugin or feature in Cubasis 3.2 to analyze realtime visual representation of track audio’s stereo positioning, frequency spread, and peak/RMS levels?

Something like Waves PAZ Analyzer Stereo.

Thanks in advance

Hi feoe,

Thanks for your message.

As of yet, there is no such plug-in included in Cubasis.

But you might find a 3rd party AU plug-in which can be used with Cubasis.
If so, we would appreciate if you share the information with our users.

& stay healthy,

Hi Lars!

I found only one plug-in in App Store “Stereo Width”.
But functionality of visualization of stereo positioning in this plug-in is a very poor in comparison with Waves PAZ Analyzer Stereo.
I hope you will make plug-in for stereo positioning or adapt Waves PAZ Analyzer Stereo for Cubasis.

Sincerely yours,