How to apply color in the notes in the score and the parts?

Hi there,
I’m doing a vocal score, and I have colored the melody to show the singers who is making the melody at every moment. Everything in the score works perfectly, but I don’t get this color to be shown in the same way in the parts. Do I have to color the notes again by hand in each individual part? I hope not, hehe … How should I proceed?

Thanks in advance!

You need to propagate properties.

Thank you so much!
It worked like a charm!

For future reference only. If you, like me, didn’t know where was “Propagate Properties” located on the menu, first select the notes / bars of the instrument in the score, or the whole thing selecting the first bar and then EDIT -> Select To End Of The Flow, and then go to EDIT -> Propagate Properties (which is almost the last link in the Edit menu).

Propagate Properties has a long and colorful history (well, at least a couple years!). It can be a pain, though I find it perfectly usable. There’s apparently better solutions coming, but for the time being, it’s quite easy to assign it to something like Ctrl-Alt-P, or whatever your flavor is.

Depending on the needs of your score, you may want to propagate as you go, or (if the score/part interactions jive), Select All and do it in one shot at the end).

Oh yeah! I have many shortcuts for almost everything. But, I will add a new one for propagate properties, yeah!
I am pretty new to Dorico, but it has already save me lots of hours of work. I have many ideas to propose to the creators after have been working with it for days. But I’m programing engineer as well, and I can freely say that no all of them will be very easy to implement depending of the code. But since the view of a copyist, there are some things that should be changed for sure! This one is one of them!

Input is definitely welcome here. There’s a good chance most of your suggestions have already been discussed, or are already on the roadmap, since user interaction has been strong since the earliest days of Dorico. But certainly feel free to share your ideas. (I’m not speaking for the team here, but that’s been the spirit of the forum since I’ve been on it.)