How to apply dynamic to all selected, possibly overriding links

I have this issue where I select all these notes, apply a dynamic via the popover and only some instruments get the dynamic applied, others not…


What happens if you select one, apply the dynamic, copy it, select all the others and then paste?

Hi @doricorn, please post a cut-down version Dorico file of your example. It is difficult from pictures to see what is going on.

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I can see why this is happening. Adding a dynamic on the downbeat automatically groups with the preceding hairpins, which are different lengths. Dorico can handle only one of those grouping operations at a time.


That’s it, thanks!
I suppose there’s no way to override this?

Steven’s first reply is the best method: Enter one f alone, copy it, and paste it to all the others. You can select one note and extend the selection to the top of the system on that beat with Ctrl+Shift+up arrow. Very quick.