How to apply EQ to event individually

What would be the best way to handle this situation?

I have numerous audio events assigned to several characters are part of an overdub. Each audio event requires subtle eq adjustment to match it to the background track. I could do it by assigning each event to a separate track and then adjusting the eq of each track separately. But then I’d end up with hundreds of tracks each containing a single audio event and it would get pretty hard to navigate.

What I want to do is simply apply some eq to each EVENT individually rather than applying it to each TRACK. (Each character track has some overall eq applied anyway.)

Does anyone have any suggestions for an efficient way to handle this? I don’t want to apply irreversible processing to the audio events and Cubase 5 only seems to think in terms of eq’ing entire tracks. It would be easy if I could simply apply eq to each EVENT on a track. What to do?


Just how many different EQ’s would you realistically need ? Literally hundreds? (unlikely) you do say subtle

You could make (for arguments sake) 10 different tracks each with a corrective EQ and drop various events onto them to even the variations out.

Otherwise you would be into the scenario you mentioned of either creating a new track for each event or using offline processing (which can be undone in the undo offline processing dialog) Or using automation of the EQ.

Sounds like automation is the best option here, that’d be the tidiest option.

Thanks guys. I hadn’t considered the idea of setting up a limited number of eq variations. I can give it a try and see how well it works. If it works well enough for a large enough number of the events then it would at least significantly reduce the number of events for which I have no option but to do a specific eq.

I did consider automation but was hoping to avoid having to do it that way. Foresee too many issues down the road, especially if the client wants to move things around and starts tweaking. Ugh.

Non-destructive EQ tied to individual events would be a great addition to the feature set of a future version of Cubase!

Thanks again.

You can lock automation to events :slight_smile:

Offline Processing? On the surface seems like a fairly clean approach. Slect the event - offline process it with the desired EQ. Then move to the next one. Plus you can always "undo any individual process (in any order). This is assuming you have a version that supports offline processing.

From the manual:

By using offline processing (Cubase only).
You can apply effects directly to individual audio events – this is described
in the chapter “Audio processing and functions” on page 204.