How to apply MIDI transformations?

Hi, I am working on some technology to apply smart MIDI transformations which adjust note position, duration, velocity etc for a MIDI track to make it sound more “human”. I am looking into if a VST plugin is suitable for this.

There are different two ways I see to do this:

  1. The user selects a MIDI track or part of a track and then asks the VST to apply the transformation. This basically rewrites the track (similar to how how a “quantize” function would work in a DAW)
  2. The transformation is applied during playback in real-time . In order to do this the VST plugin would need to be able to “look ahead” a few second or so as the track is playing.

My question is simply, are either of these methods possible with VST? Also does anyone know of any similar plugins that exist? Thanks.

This is not possible with the VST SDK.

Is there any other way to do this?