How to apply time stretch to several instrument tracks?

I need to proportionally shrink all the tracks here so that the whole group ends at the marker position, at timecode 01:03:34:00 exactly. I can’t change the project tempo because that would affect another set of tracks that is also in the project.

I tried putting all of them in a folder track, and using the Sizing applies time stretch tool, but even though while dragging it would appear that it’s working, when I release the mouse button they all go stay where they were.

The only thing that works is time stretching a couple of tracks, but it seems to me that when there’s a track with multiple parts in it, even if you select them all, stretching doesn’t work, but if it’s a track with just one long part, it does work. But I need all of them to stretch proportionally as a group.

How can I achieve this?

You need to glue all parts on each track together to one. Then place the beginning of each part at the same time position.

Time stretch uses the beginning of a part (or audio event) as the “anchor”. You would like the leftmost point of your selection to be used as an anchor but there is no function like this in Cubase.

I imagine if Steinberg would expand the functionality of the Range Tool it could work in the future. Select a range and then be able to use “expand/compress time range”.
Furthermore if we could have such a Range Tool inside the Key Editor we could also select several notes as a block and expand/compress their start and end position relative to the beginning of the Range. I mention this as this was discussed in another topic recently.
A Range Tool in the Key Editor would also allow to use “Duplicate” on a range. This was also discussed elsewhere several times.

@Matthias_Quellmann - maybe these are two nice ideas. :thinking:

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