How to apply transpose track to specific audio tracks, and not others?

I’ve got some Cubase 10.5 projects with multiple audio tracks. I want to be able to transpose some of these audio tracks, but leave others in their original un-transposed condition. How can I do this?

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You cannot decide per track, you decide per Audio Event/MIDI Part. But you can select all events on the track (or even across multiple tracks) and switch all the Events/Parts at once.

You can find the switcher in the Project’s window Info Line.

Thank you very much, Martin! Is there a place in the manual with more detailed instructions on how to do this?

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Search for Global Transpose, please.

Thank you, again, Martin. I am a novice user, so I apologize for all the questions…

The instructions from the manual are shown below. However, in the Project Window info line for the audio events in my projects, the Global Transpose field says “Follow”, and no matter how many times I click in that field, I cannot edit it…

I am sure that there is something simple that I am missing, but I am unable to find the answer. Can you please help me?


Matt Palmer

Transposing Individual Parts or Events using the Info Line

You can transpose individual audio events and MIDI parts on the info line Transpose field.

Procedure1. Select the event or part that you want to transpose.

  1. On the Project window info line, click the Transpose field and enter a transpose value in semitones.


If the project already contains global transpose changes, it might be useful to activate Keep Transpose in Octave Range.


The event is transposed accordingly. The transpose value is added to any global transpose change that you have created by using the root key or the transpose track.


Never mind! I was able to figure it out…! Thank you for your help with this…

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Matt Palmer


That’s great! What was it, please?

I had opened the audio track in the lower pane of the project window by double-clicking on it. In that lower pane, the settings on the info line seem to be just informational and not able to be modified.

When I turned on the info line in the upper pane of the project window and selected the audio track that I wanted to modify, the Transpose function on the info line worked just as described in the manual.

Thanks, again,

Matt Palmer

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