How to assign a "solo sound" to a solo divisi player?

I don’t understand how to assign a solo sound to the solo divisi system in play mode …

→ created group player “Violins”
→ started a divisi split for a solo / gli altri
→ looks good in the part layout
→ galley view shows that the solo player continues the tutti system - !
→ i.e. tutti and solo share the same voice !
→ so if I assign a solo violin instrument to this voice, tutti is going to play “solo sound”…, well, thats not what I wanted…
→ it seems that I cannot assign “tutti” and “gli altri” to the same “tutti sound” - and “solo” to the “solo sound”
→ a workaround could be to create two group divisi, make the second group appear as “solo” and the first als “gli altri” - but in this case the solo system would appear below - but that is not how it should be, solo players should apperar above “gli altri” or other groups.

I was wondering if there was another way?
Did I miss something in the documentation - ?

You will indeed need to use a separate voice for the solo passage, then use independent voice routing in Play mode to route that voice to the solo sound.

Thank you Daniel for the quick solution .

I thought I would create the 2nd voice when creating the divisi, because playmode
already offered 2 voices (Voice 1 up, Voice 2 up) in the Combobox,
while before only voice 1 was used for this player in all flows in the projet.

Still, it’s a bit coufusing: When assigning the new voice to the solo passage,
the voice->change voice dialog (with only voice 1 beeing active for the player) creates on “new upstem voice” voice 2 for the solo passage, as it should be. So far so good.
But then in play mode, I now find voice 1, voice 2 and voice 3 in the combo box. The solo passage, assigned to Voice 2,
gets visible in the grid when Voice 3 is selected. The info line confirms the selected note as voice 2, but their routing
goes via voice 3.

This seems to me a bit inconsistent.

Yes, it is indeed a bit inconsistent, because the numbers shown for voices in Write mode are per-staff, whereas the ones shown in Play mode are for the whole instrument.