How to assign a "Undo record" to a pedal switch?

Hi, I have a 3 pedal switch, I’ve added the “Record"short cut for the 1st pedal, I’ve added the"Go to the beginning of the project” to the 2nd pedal, and I wanted to assign “Undo Record” to the 3rd pedal, but I can’t add (+) on the existing Undo short Cut which is assigned to CTRL-Z, I wanted to keep CTRL-Z and add the 3rd pedal switch. Somebody can help me ?
Thanks a lot .

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Assign it the very same way as the other two pedals, please. I expect, the pedals are sending MIDI data. Make alignment in the Generic Remote Device, or use the MIDI Remote, please.

What is the shortcut you want to add?


That is the problem, I tried to assign the 3rd pedal the very same way as the two other pedals, but specifically for the Undo, it does not work, a pop up window appears saying that there is already a short-cut for Undo which is Ctrl-Z and we can’t add a new short-cut for Undo. Whereas it works fine to add a new short-cut for examples for Record, and for God to the beginning of the project. ALAIN.


Do I understand you right, the pedals don’t send a MIDI data? If they act as a keyboard and they send a commands… What kind of command does the 3rd pedal send? Isn’t it Ctrl+Z?

As m.c asked:

Hi, Ok Martinand m.c., I understand your questions. So I 've checked : in fact the 3 pedals switch is just like a keyboard with only 3 keys. And it seems that the 3rd pedal sends CTRL-Z (wheareasthe 1st one sends “:” which I’ve added to the Record short-cut “Num *”, and the 2nd pedal sends “%” which I’ve added to the “Go to begining of the project” short-cut “Num .”, and both work well). And you’re right, the 3rd pedal seems to send CRTL-Z, but when I record and want to undo the record, it does not work, it does not cancel the record. I’ve also tried to addto undo the action to add a new audio track, it does not undo.
It seems to be the problem…
Thanks Martin and m.c. for your help


What do you mean by Cancel Record? Undo is other function than Stop.

Just try any simple step (Draw a MIDI Part) and then press your pedal. If it sends Ctrl+Z and if thie Key Command is still assigned to Edit > Undo on your side, it should work.

I’ve just done the test :
1- I’ve check that CTRL-Z is always assigned to Edit > Undo
2-I’ve drawn a MIDI part
3- I 've pressed my 3rd Pedal and … nothing occurs
Same test with CTRL-Z on my computer keyboard, and CTRL-Z erases the MIDI part
But when I’ve tested adding the third pedal short-cut to whatever function, a pop-up window appears telling me that I can’t .
But now when I do the same test, nothing occurs, such as the 3rd pedal does not send any short-cut…perhaps pedal switch has a problem with the 3rd pedal… I’ll do further tests and will tell you .
Thanks again.

Well, this means that the 3rd pedal is not assigned (any more) to ctrl-z. Which pedal switch is it, by the way?

OK I’ve found the problem : I’ve not used this pedal switch since my update Win7 Win10 and it appears that the driver is no more working with Win10! And apparently there is no driver for upon Win8! When I execute the soft for configuration, the 3 short-cuts appear, and the 3rd one is well CRTL-Z , but I can’t even save a new configuration (just to test) , it tells me “Usb HIDKB Not Connected!”, whereas it is connected as the pedal 1 &2 are working well !
I don’t know the name of the Pedal Switch, but the soft displaus “Usbhid Keyboard 2.31 Designed by JC”…
Except if you have any idea to solve the problem, can somebody give me some PedalSwitches references which work well with Win10 (and upon) ? I need at least 3 pedals but more than 3 could also be nice;-)
Thanks again.

Ah, not sure if it’s the same foot switch, but I found this page:

Scroll and you’ll see a setup file version 2.40. From what I see in the specs, win10 are supported, so perhaps you can give this a try.

Hi m.c.
and thanks, but I have already tested it (2.40 I mean) and it does not work with mine, always seen as Not Connected. So I think I’ve no other solution to buy a new one, I think this one would match my need:
Pédale de commande au pied triple USB, clavier d’ordinateur programmable HID pour pédale de commande au pied USB PC pour Windows, pour Linux, pour OS X, pour Android

Thanks again Martin and m.c. and sorry because it was not really a Cubase problem ! :wink: