how to assign each instrument то separate channel?


first time working with cubase :confused:

How to assign each different instrument from audio mixer Yamaha MW12CX то а separate mixer channel in Cubase LE AI Elements 6 to get a multitrack record ? because I have sound of all instruments in all channels or all in one :frowning:


Pan one instrument to the left, the other to the right, set up two mono busses in Cubase as explained in the manual.

thanks for quick answer

but if i have 10 instruments and each must be in separate channel ?

If you have 10 instruments and each must be in separate channel, you have the wrong interface…
Or you need to record them in 5 passes in stereo pairs each.
I read the MX12CX manual for you:

Now you simply need to find out how many channels “stereo” has, though you should have done that before buying IMHO…

can you explain what means “record them in 5 passes in stereo pairs each” how can I do it?

pro80: Record them separately


  1. Stereo Drums
  2. Bass
  3. Guitar
    4 . Guitar
  4. Vocal
  5. keyboard

Each track is an overdub starting with the Stereo Drums
done separately in what a lot of people call Layer caking
Because your starting from the bottom and working up.

Now if you want to do everything at the same time ( Simultaneously)
you’ll need an interface that can do this as (thinkingcap) said.

Also IMO I prefer Multitracked drums – Stereo Keyboards
and everything else are on MONO tracks. :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

I’m looking for a good solution of multi-track recording solution for home studio to record several separate instruments simultaneously each track in separate channel for minimum 5 but better 10 channels?

please recommend a device that I need comparatively not very expensive


Presonus FireStudio
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8
… etc … etc

and of course B-brand has one too:
Behringer FCA1616

how many instruments Behringer FCA1616 can record simultaneously?

and I’m interested in opinions about :

Zoom R16 Multitrack SD Recorder
TASCAM DP-24 Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder

It has 4 mic/line, 4 line and an ADAT (8 channel) inputs … so in theory it can record 16 channels. But to use ADAT input you need additional equipment (A/D converter).

They are stand-alone “portable studios”. They have everything you need for recording and mixing in a single package. They are great tools but far more limited than Cubase.

in what way is limited? if I’m understand right if I have a set of multi-record tracks then I can process them in any virtual studio including cubase or any other, am i right? or what do you mean?

Yes. You can definitely do that. I don’t know how easy/hard it’s to import tracks from R16/DP-24 to Cubase, but it should be possible.

What I ment on saying “limited” is exactly about editing/processing/mixing. These portastudios don’t have the flexibility of DAW in that process. But they are great for on-site recording. If you have one available, it’s more than good idea to record with one, trasfer tracks to Cubase and edit/mix there.

there is shown the control with cubase

so Tascam DP24 or Zoom R16?

thanks you for your answers. finally I decided to order and try Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

I’m looking for a good multi-track recording solution for home studio to record several separate instruments simultaneously each track in separate channel for 8 channels, phantom power, 2 better 4 headphones, minimum 4 outputs, midi I/O to record guitar, bass, drums, synth, piano, 2 dynamic microphones for guitar and piano. within 500 bucks, but I decided to add a hundred bucks if it’s really worth it. but to understand it, I would like to hear your opinion or even better your experience from practice

in the main I’m interested in Focsurite Scarlett 18i20 as you recommended and also Roland OctaCapture

about Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 I’ve done some research, I read manual, watched reviews, feedback and somehow I have idea about it. in this case I need to compare the quality and capabilities of these two devices and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of both, functions, preamp, adaptability with PC system Windows 7 pro, adaptability with a DAW and which DAW better, I think REAPER because I heard about good compatibility with Focusrite etc

now about Roland OctaCapture, I have read from two different sources about problems. one of this bad reviews is on product feedback. does anyone know anything about this?

but the other hand auto-sens automatic volume adjustment of incoming signal is very convenient and 24-bit/192 kHz audio quality, 'm not sure that I need it but digital mixer control is also included in the list of functions of the device

It would be very helpful to hear your opinion about this two devices because since I must to make a final choice!


Hi as you own the Yamaha MW 12 CX , pls can you tell me how good is it as a control surface for cubase ? thanks sam

I am tryong to this also in nuendo studio… I have tried panning left and right but as im no engineer and dont really understand too much about busses etc, im not sure what im really doing… All i want is 2 tracks, recorded searately from line in and mic…