How to assign own CC numbers in MIDI Remote?

Please help. My patience is being tested, but I haven’t thrown anything out the window yet.
For the first time I connected a Remote MIDI controller to Cubase.
In Cubase, at the bottom of the screen, I click on the MIDI Remote tab.
I move the faders and they appear in Cubase. Everything is great.
I want to assign CC to 4 remote faders.
In the Fader Properties options, digits are automatically assigned to the CC, i.e:
The first slider is CC#12, the second is CC#11, the third is CC#14, the fourth is CC#15.
Of course, I would like to assign them at my own will. If I change it, some faders stop working. I found information on the forum that it is good to assign CC to Quick Control. So I did. It would seem that everything works… But then the automation recording doesn’t work. Please help.


This assignment is the link to the hardware. So if the hardware sends MIDI CC12, Cubase learns it and link it. If you change it to MIDI CC1 (for example), Cubase is waiting for MIDI CC1. But the hardware is still sending CC12. Therefore it doesn’t move.

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To expand on Martin’s answer. If you want to change what MIDI Data your controller hardware is sending out, that is managed by the manufacturer not Cubase. Many folks like AKAI, NI and Korg supply editors with their controllers for this purpose.

I get it, I was confused by the ability to enter the CC number myself. Raino thank you for what you have added, this is solution. Everything is already working. Thanks!