How To Assign The Mod Wheel To Expression?

Hi Guys,

I’m having some difficulties in trying to assign my midi keyboard mod wheel to expression .

Can someone shed some light on this one for me?

If you have the full version of Cubase (as opposed to Elements etc.), then use the Input transformer (the “crooked arrow” icon, at the top-right of a MIDI/Instrument track’s Inspector)
Presuming that your MIDI keyboard’s modwheel transmits, by default, CC#1 (modulation), you need to transform that into CC#11 (expression).
If you don’t have the full version, then you’ll have to use the Transformer MIDI Insert FX (does a similar job, but performs the transformation to the MIDI “on its way out”, rather than actually recording it).
Let us know if you require any further help there :wink:.

Hi thanks for the reply

I do indeed have the full version of cubase 8 .

I have found the input transformer but i’m pretty stumped on what to do next. My midi keyboard (oxygen 88) defaults with CC1 for the mod wheel. I would like the option to switch bet ween cc1 and cc11 on the fly if possible?

OK, set up the Input Transformer like in this attached screenshot… (and don’t forget to switch on the module… on the left of the Module tab :wink: )…
First of all, decide whether you want this to be global, or specific to a particular MIDI/Instrument track (you’ll have the choice when you click on that “crooked arrow” icon)…
As regards switching it on/off “on the fly”, the closest you can get is to switch that icon on/off :wink:. (or of course, leaving the Input Transformer window open, and switching the module on/off :wink: )
Input Transformer.jpg

In addition to the mentioned script used in the input transformer, it might be possible to use an “and” condition with a second controller to turn the function on and off - can’t try it right now, but I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

If anyone wants to SWAP two controllers - like mod wheel and expression pedal (CC11) - here’s a workaround:

Module 1: CC 1 > CC 22 (or other unused controller)
Module 2: CC 11 > CC 1
Module 3: CC 22 > CC 11

I’m using this for Hollywood Strings to be able to play strings with both hands and do mod wheel dynamics with my expression pedal.