How to assign tracks to faders in Mackie Control


I’m trying to use my Presonus Series 3 as a DAW controller. How do optimize the layout of my controller in Cubase? As in, I just want to group my bus channels in one section of my Presonus so they make sense. I have like 96+ tracks in my project, but I want to control say all my drum bus tracks in one section or something. How do I set that up.

I have Presonus setup as a Mackie Control emulation, and it’s listing from left to right all of my tracks in cubase, and I don’t want to scroll around to get to the group channel tracks I want to work with. Also they’re not always in an optimal spot depending on the order I created the tracks in the project. Is there a reference guide that I can look into, or anyone have any help they can give?



On the original Mackie Control hardware, you can set to see just specific track type. I don’t know, if the Presonus controller can do this.

The other way is to use the Visibility of Cubase. You can simply hide (in MixConsole 1) the channels you don’t want to see. You can save the Visibility settings as configuration(s). So you can make a dedicated settings for Drums mixing, for example. You can use event the Agents to show/hide specific Channel type(s).

The visibility works, but I was using Mixing console 3, which doesn’t.

I figured out if you make configurations with Mixing Console 1, it works.

But it’s at least kinda working? This stuff is so frustratingly complicated lol.

Is there a reference guide for cubase that details which midi signals do what? Like everything on this board sends a midi signal, but cubase only reacts to a handful of them, and the PAN controls don’t seem to do anything.


If you are using Mackie Control protocol, have a look to its specification, please.

Hi, Nick.

This is the Cubase documentation for remote control devices, including the mcu. I’ve never heard of anyone finding the actual Mackie specs online.

I have an actual Mackie MCU, which works great with Cubase. Here are a few thoughts that might be of use.

First, as others have mentioned, View Configurations are the best way to limit tracks, and yes, they only work in Mix Console 1. You can set up 8 of them, and they can be mapped to buttons or keyboard shortcuts. These settings are project-specific, so you’ll have to set up your configurations for each new project. In addition to filtering by track type, you can also use the left zone to show / hide the desired tracks in any given configuration. Also, regarding the order the tracks are, you can drag them up and down in the track view to change their order.

As for mapping your Presonus hardware buttons, there are a couple of options. First, you can insert a Midi Monitor on a midi track, point it to your Presonus, and see what message each button is sending. I’m not sure if that will help or not, but it’s the data that’s in play.

What might be even more useful to you is to look into using midi learn to map buttons. I’m not in front of Cubase at the moment, but if I recall correctly you can go into the device manager and do midi learn from there. Additionally, you’re not limited to what an MCU can do. You have a huge array of things in Cubase that are mappable, and also macros that you can map. I believe both of these can be bound to qwerty keyboard shortcuts as well as mapping to hardware.

I know some of that’s a bit vague but perhaps that will get you looking in the right direction so you can start getting your hardware configured to suit your workflow.

Sorry Nick that can not be done in cubase with MCU. Can it be done with a Nuage? It can not be done with S[1346] from avid either.


Here you can find out, what MIDI data does the original Mackie Control hardware send out, so you can compare with the specification above and find the same button on your Presonus hardware.