How to auto enable channel monitoring when record enabled?

I used to be able to do this back in SX3…can I no longer do this? I just want the channel’s “monitor” button to arm automatically when I arm the channel “record” button. Any help would be appreciated!!!


“monitoring” (who would have thought that) in preferences somewhere

Open preferences
highlight VST (third from bottom)
from the Auto Monitoring selection set; choose While Record Enabled…

That should fix you up.



Thanks!! That did the trick


Actually, there are three choices that lets you automatically monitor the inputs when the track is armed:
While Record Enabled (which CharleyG recommends)
This option turn on input monitoring when you arm the track, regardless of if you are actually recording or not.

While Record Running
This option switches to input monitoring when you actually hit the record button in the transport bar.

Tapemachine Style (which I strongly recommend using)
This option works like a tape recorder. While you are in Stop mode, you are monitoring the input, while in Playback mode you monitor what is previously recorded and while in Record mode you monitor what is being recorded (i.e. the input).

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What if you’re recording a vocalist and he/she is saying something to you while the track is playing. Can’t hear it… :frowning:

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Thanks a lot!!!