How to automate a solo

Hello! I’m trying to figure out how to automate a solo. In the last bar or two of my song, I want everything but the vocals to mute and leave just my vocal bus to solo for the last bit of the song. I’ve tried what seems like everything, but…Cubase never seems to actually record the pressing of the solo button when I try to automate it. Any ideas?


there are many ways to do it

you can to automate the mute of the track, the volume of the tracks, but not the channel solo button, as this is not included in the automation process.

However if you dont like to automate the volume, then what you could do to insert a plugin on these channels that you want to automate mute and automate this plugin, this would work too. i use DMG Trackcontrol for such as an example, but many plugins would work., you simply turn down the output volume in the plugin to - infinty and automate the bypass state of the plugin to simulate the mute/unmute’

another option would be that you mute the audio events at the tracks itself at those bars.

Solo is just for listening of the engineer and is not part of the mixing process. This is by design.

You can automate mute states or volume changes easily.