How to automate flexphrase variations in Sonic


I have set up some flexphrase patterns into the 8 available slots in Halion Sonic. I now want to automate the switch between them. I pressed the red W for write automation and switched between them as it played, but the results were not saved anywhere. I was also hoping to open up an edit lane where the volume line normally is, and fine tune my changes.

Anyone got any idea how this works?

Thanks, Nigel

i know it sounds a bit of a noob question but did you click read after you finished recording ?

Yes, the read is green.
When I click on the volume dropdown to see what is automateable, I go to more, expand halion sonic and slot 1, but I cannot find an entry for flexphrase

Here’s a tip for finding automation…

Use Write to create some automation (as you did) then select ‘Show All Used Automation’ (I’ve set up shortcut keys for both show and hide) and go and look for the new automation by scrolling up/down the project. Sometimes I do this at the end of the song just to make it easier to find. And, if you can’t see any new automation then the parameter cannot be automated!

I’ve no experience with Sonic but if you can’t automate the parameter perhaps you can use midi?


I tried show all used automation, but there was none on the track of interest. I’m guessing this particular part of Sonic cannot be automated, but it would seem pointless adding it if this were so. Trouble is I can’t think of any method of assigning midi keys to it other than expression maps, but there was nothing to import.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

You first have to assign each of the eight variations to the eight trigger pads:

Right click on a pad then chose “Snapshot FlexiPhrasers”.
The lamp above the pad turns yellow

Then assign each trigger pad to a note:

Right click and chose “Assign Trigger Note” → Octave 0 → C0, D0, E0 etc.
The assigned key turns blue.

you can now “play” each variation from the trigger keays.

Good luck

Hi Egebjerg

Thanks for the detail, it sounds like just the trick. I have sonic 1.6 installed, but when I right click on the orange pads to the right of the flexphrase variation, I have only two options which are copy flexphrase variation and paste flexphrase variation. Nor can I see a light above the pads. Here’s a screenshot if you can point out where I should be right clicking.


Ah, got it now, it’s the 8 pads to the left of the rotating knobs above the left of the keyboard and the pitchbend and modulation wheels

OK, thanks for your help. It’s working a treat now.