how to Automate Model C Drawbars ?

i try to W/R automation with “Model C” controllers in halion sonic2 with no successes (DrawBars and knobs inside the Model C GUI).
i use the regular automation in cubase 7.

Aloha m,

I am glad you asked and I hope you get an answer to your post.

I also cannot find a way to automate many parts of the Model C GUI.

For me just automating the Leslie effect ‘on and off’ via MIDI would be a beautiful thang.

Good Luck!

the leslie is controlled by modwheel, down=slow ,up=fast middle=stop :wink:
all parameters inside Model C can be assigned to midi controller (learn midi) or to HS Quick controls to be automated “regularly”. but i would like to see also full automation directly from Model C GUI as its necessary in many situations.

Thanks for the info.
I can control it but my prob is that control will not write and then read back.

The modwheel(Leslie) and all midi controllers in that mater will be recorded in the midi event, and it will playback them again.

Yes indeed, thanks Mozizo and Curteye for getting me there! I didn’t try to get the drawbars to change, but I figured out, with your help, how to get the Leslie speed changes to stick. I right clicked over the Leslie control on the Model C edit GUI, chose “Learn CC,” and moved the pitch bend wheel on my cheesy Casio keyboard. It immediately controlled the Leslie. Forget about the automation write/read. Arm the track for recording and monitoring, and make sure Merge mode is on the transport. Record your Leslie speed changes via the wheel over the previously recorded organ track (I like Gospel Organ 01), and it sticks (shows up on the midi track)! It also recalls it after saving the project and opening again. Sounds great!