How to automate the disable midi sends 1 for all the tracks?

Hi all,

I can’t find a way to disable the midi sends for all the track

I don’t think something similar exists in the project logical editor, and if I would like to do this with generic remote I will have to create more than 300 lines to disable the midi send, one for each of the track in my template

I need to drive this through lemur, the issue is that Cubase does not offer any automation to do this as far as I see…

Thanks if you have an answer!

#1. Select all tracks you want to operate on - activate Quick Link(I think mixer toolbar) - then disable send on track, and the others should follow.
So this was a quick link group you made. Q-Link can also be assigned a key command.

I tested - this works.

#2. To automate this selection - a series of operations can be made into a macro
Project Logical Editor can select tracks based on names - if you have a system how you name these - that part of name can be used.
This can be made into one row of your macro. Condition may have OR-statements so several naming conditions can apply - and they are selected in one go.
Q-link toggle can be one row - but it toggles - so need to be in the correct phase, kind of.
So if part of macro - it might need one or two activations - depending on current state of Q–link.

So connect this macro to a key command - and have them done in a flash - at least.

But disabling/enabling midi send - I see no command for that. When disabling entry becomes blank, no text, but it seems to be there if you enable again.
Closest I saw was toggle the send section itself in Inspector.