how to avoid collisions in galley view?

I need to create a screenvideo from the choral score of my new climate change oratorio being played back by Dorico. The best way would be to record it in galley view, because there the notes and lyrics are dispayed - even in smaller video resolutions - in readable sizes and you have a quite smooth scrolling. Unfortunately in galley view there happen quite many collisions of lyrics and dynamics. I couldn’t find out, how to avoide or correct this. In page view I can edit the few collisions I encountered there, but in galley view I don’t know how to generally change the staff spacings.
If I would use page view instead, then the lyrics and notes are displayed too small for the singers. The videos are needed for the choir singers to learn and practice their parts on their own (… thanks to Corona restrictions…)
Can anybody help me?

In Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Ideal Gaps, set “In Galley View, expand ideal staff gaps” to something greater than 125%.
This is your only option if you’re going to use Galley View for this video.

Galley View really isn’t designed for this sort of thing. You’ll have more control if you set a weird custom page size in Layout Options > Page Setup > Page Size (e.g. something very wide and not very high), and then scroll through that smoothly.

Thank you, I’ll give it a try soon …

Expanding the ideal gaps within Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Ideal Gaps creates space between the staffs, but there are still collisions between notes and lyrics within single staffs. When I tried to simply swap the lyric lines of the passages, that clash with very low notes (from line 1 to line 2) somehow automatically all other non selected lyrics get swapped too, even the ones that have been (accidentally) written in the wrong line. Very strange behaviour … I think I’ll have to switch to page view and using a custom paper size …

Ideal Gaps don’t have any effect on Galley View.

The specific setting I suggested does indeed affect Galley View, Dan.

Oops, you’re right. I had forgotten that setting was called “Ideal Gaps.”