How to avoid excessive (?) accidental restating

I have change all options to “not restating” in Notation Options and I still get this:

Is there any way to avoid so many accidental restating without hiding them?

The problem here is that grand staff instruments is considered as a whole… You’d probably wouldn’t have the problem if F sharp is called G flat… Or if you use two distinct instruments and put the brackets and join the bar lines manually. Those could be workarounds…

Thanks Marc, but in any case I think Dorico should manage a case like this in a different way.

I understand your concern. I use @ key to toggle hide/show accidentals. I think a simple selection of all notes except the first ones, and pressing that key twice, would give the result you’re expecting quite fast. I find Dorico handles the accidentals quite cleverly but sometimes one has to interfere manually…

I managed to get rid of the accidentals in your example by the following settings

Notations Options -> Accidentals -> Simple -> Modernist


Notations Options -> Options for Modernist -> do not restate within the same bar

As I use the german version of Dorico, my translation of the options may differ from the ones in Dorico.


Thanks Thomas! Nice to know it’s already possible with a set of options!

The danger with setting the property to hide accidentals is that they stay hidden if you edit something else in the music which makes them mandatory and not optional. in Xavier’s example, if you hide all the F sharps, and then change one of the notes on the top staff to F natural, you won’t see an F sharp on the next note because you told Dorico to hide it!

I think there should be an option to apply cautionary accidentals to each staff of a grand staff individually (if only because you don’t really want a chart comparing notation programs showing that Lilypond can do something which Dorico can’t), but as Marc said the easiest work round for now is to respell the notes as G flats (or E sharps on the other staff, if you prefer that).

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions! Respelling the note is not an option for me, as I need it to be an F sharp for voice leading reasons (that are not explicit in the example). Using modernist rules is neither an option, as it should be applied to the whole flow (I think) and I don’t want to make a flow change each time I need this options (it is easier to simply hide the accidentals).